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N4C’s Annual Conference & Professional Institute is a premier conference attracting attendees from colleges and universities—directors, faculty, and teachers—interested in sharing innovative practices, cutting-edge research and effective strategies in the care and early education of young children. The 2022 Annual Conference is a virtual event combining interactive live workshops and pre-recorded video sessions designed to allow attendees to expand and enhance their knowledge of early childhood.

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Sonya Evariste

CUNY LaGuardia Community College ECLC Programs Inc
Long Island City, New York
Sonya Evariste, MsED is a leader of education innovation and expertise in mentorship. In her capacities as Director and Higher Education Associate at LaGuardia Community College, she is a leader in student development, staff development, and student motivation.
She serves as a Board Member for The National Coalition for Campus Children's Centers. She is also a member of The Childcare Council Committee, CUNY, NY.
Sonya Evariste Oversees and manages the teaching staff, administrative staff, college work-study students, and manages infant-toddler programs, preschool programs, integrated programs, school-age programs, and Saturday programs. Sonya Evariste has ensured that the program has met National Accreditation under her leadership. Within her portfolio of work, her expertise includes; early childhood Programming, New York State Family to Family Education Instructor for families with mental illness, mentoring students, and having secured major funding for ECE programs.
A long-time student mentor and advocate, Sonya Evariste chaired the Child care Council, mentored youth, and encourages the student development population to strive for excellence.
Sonya Evariste is a dependable, flexible, self-determined, consistent, visionary, empowering, and committed individual who strives for success. Her joy is in giving, and seeing the outcome to the graduation achievement, she encourages students to further their Education and supports them with job placement.
Sonya Evariste has earned her Dual Master’s Degree in Education, Special Education from Tour College and has over 25 years of experience in the field of Education. Sonya Evariste specializes in Day Care Administration and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Social work from York College the City University of New York.
Sonya Evariste is a builder and supporter and enjoys working to motivate others in the field of Education. She was awarded the recognition of valuable contribution as Presenter at Albion Primary & Junior High School located in Jamaica West Indies. She was also awarded recognition in the country of Africa for supporting and building the young minds of the future.
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